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Xathristis piosenki

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Her Pathetic Suicide (And the Nightmares I Suffered)

suicide temple her monument of failure her bedroom her chapel of emptiness sinking through In tragic memories her blue flame is her desparation makeup drips from her eyes tears fall down a pale face makes her beauty fade theres no point in staying...

Isabelle (Part II)

isabelle… memories of moonlight and snow your hair blowing in the wind a cast on your arm I watched through tearing eyes knowing soon I’d never see you again how i wanted to be by your side I wanted to guide your way that night through the darkne...

Sleep Paralysis on the Eve of Winter Solstice

mother wept her screams were silenced by strange apparitions angels fled shadows danced as a corpse she layed still december brought harsh winds like voices through her walls lucid dreams silhouettes mother wept her children died they took the...

The Forgiveness of a Failed God

through these dark corridors the preist wore a sinister smile his flesh white as his collar an altar boy convulsing on the floor malevolent men gather to indulge in flesh their lust no longer suppresed lightning struck as if the wrath of god as if...