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Xaos Oblivion piosenki

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Gin Nun Gag Ap Mother and father of poisoned rivers Undivine creator of endless darkness Void ruler of vastness lands, and Heavens Let cosmic blizzard, fog and storms Be thy words Nif L Hel will be tongue And words are for those Who listen! Your not...


Ancient marks written by blood On drenched, forsaken ground Of forefathers dead long ago Among the old oaken trees And overwhelming dark forest Where the whispering sough Of the nature crowns remember all Upper large branches like thorns Cover the time...

Serpent Rites

The memories carved in stone Buried int he darkest roots... ...of Yggdrassil Forgotten lore of cosmic rights Runes as old as the world itself Deepest thoughts Consciousness spread its glorious wings Over the highest mountains And forgotten forests Y...