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X-Marks The Pedwalk piosenki

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crack-brained you devote a view you combine what happened to you your sight to decide what's for you the right and nothing matters handle your life with a kind of illusions hope and fear becomes a fusion there is no jailer is there a prison relate a poe...


The scream is in your head now You don't want to be in here The silence starts to shout The noises will move on now You can get on out of here What are you wishing for? Will you feel up to the scheme Time is standing still You have a two way gun That...


Don't call me a dying man My lifeline just dried out Don't call me a crying man And just burned out myself today I don't recall No word It's a dream: your smile outshined the night Can't explain my fear and I'm searching for the close connection I lic...

The Sun, The Cold, My Underwater Fear

I miss you so much Will you see the signs With any footstep I try to walk the line My life is not a story Will you listen and hear With any whisper I try to voice my tears Of love and desire I hate you so much When I feel ashamed With any laughter...