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X factor finalists 2010 piosenki

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Can't Stop Moving

All I Can't Stop Movin, Can't Can't Stop Movin, Can't Stop Movin, I Can't Keep Still-a, Girls Told me not to change it, if a change could ever be Paije Feel Something moving all over me, Aiden Whatever it is no man can see, Matt From the crown of...


I I will be king And you You will be queen Though nothing will Drive them away We can beat them Just for one day We can be Heroes Just for one day We can be Heroes We can be Heroes I I wish you could swim Like the dolphins Like dolphins can sw...

What A Feeling

Aiden: First when there's nothing But a slow glowing dream Katie: That your fears seems to hide Deep inside your mind Treyc: All alone I have cried Silent tears full of pride Paije: In a world made of steal Made of stone Belle Amie: Well I hea...