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[Professor X]
Come one, come all. We have the elixir that cures all that ails you
Traveling the four corners of the road. Straight from the well, as it
pointed the hill the remnant to your hell(?). Come, Yahweh! Come
Joshua! Come, David! Confrontation with the soul has come!

[Brother J]
In the ways of God!
Xodus, feel the vibes of the wrath of God!
Spoke the biological are God, one
Systematic terror, that's forever
Big Lord shredder, legendary weed getter
The dark president, the dark sun resident
Will give more reason to impeach a president
And all the puppets in the other square lay
Supporting three Ks and Amerikkka can wait
So now a brother bears fruits and herbs
Cause apples pie's toxic, it slurs my words
And how could I reach a Black nation?
The vibration, sensations, like that!
Is that a combat? And either pimp slap?
There's other missionaries who would have me off track
But heed is a lead is a positive sin
And you can't you can't stop me, so let's stop your grin
So prepare your mind like a [sic] A to the M
From the Genesis to the Revelations and
Here comes the kick of the Xodus riff
It goes a little something like this, check it out:
1-2-3 and a 3-2-1
Here comes the rhythm of the warrior's dun
Shut out the mind to the God Te-Hun
As we begin with the warrior's flex
Fee to the Fi and Fo to the Fum!
I smell the game of four wicked mortal men
Try to play my mind, try to play me humdrum
But now it gets dumb, and here comes the sum
More and more and more, and this loud cry, “Free”
Siggy-siggy glance and the
Now my attitude is worse than an AK
Clip never stopping when it's time to kick or spray!
I jiggy-jiggy-jiggy-judge a brother won't budge
Now kick it to the middle, cause that's how you get 'em
Now, God, now what's a brother do?
I try to keep my patience, but now I'm out the truth
One-Zero, now I crew shoed
Bad attitude cause I have enough food
Next days, they try to condemn me
But, yo, I'd just be me as it remains it will be
Friggy way these verbs stick the whole nine
Part of the thighs of the cosmic child
Got your clean cut American
Strictly African, my look is terrorism
What's the seravist, don't call me Communist!
I'm just a bro'!
Not New Jack or Joe
And Freedom or Death, this means I'm going for broke
It means my life is my death
My attitude should reflect
I met a dude, the cosmic god
All father respect

[Professor X]
The Xodus! Come forward, young black. What ails you? You say the
value in your system rejects to feeling outrage? Take a sip. Ah! Feel
the surge. The red! The black! The green! Through your veins to your
heart, come stomp with me!

[Brother J]
Back from the peak of Heaven, the depths of Hell
If you feel voodoo, and here's my spell
To teach my people, and, Yes, rock well
And very, very black
I hear some niggas talking 'bout they'll paint the White House black
I'd blow the sucker up and pressure on the attack
And Frontline, you'll find, the government swine
Find themselves caught up in a bind
But when will you figure
A vibe in a vigour
A pro-Black nigga, Black nigga, Black nigga!
Or would you ask me if I'm a humanist?
Or down with Swiss Miss or anyone from the abyss?
We're down to the core
I can't take it no more!
With no legend or
Almost prove law
With no funny moves for the earthly residents
Cause Dark Sun Riders were firmly handling
So, on to the school of common sense
In God we trust, the Xodus

[Professor X]
Come diddy-dum. To the flag: the red the black and the green! Ah!
Alafia (?) and do good. Tu-tah and mallah (?), da-da. Peace!


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