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Etched Ring

We met some time ago If we’d stay together No one would ever know Never meant to have this feeling for you How could things get this way? There was nothing I could do There’s a flame that burns inside of your heart But it don’t belong to me I just close the...

Tears from a tie

I. Prelude (I Welcomed You) Even before you were born I has been standing here for a while And when you got here I welcomed you II. Heaven’s Rage Ages went by You created many things Selfishness is what comes with you greed I don’t know why You destroyed m...

The cold blooded

I. DECEIT He sees the light shine in the sky And hears the sound of a promising fate He's sure that things won't ever fail The wind of change is blowing Grains of sand taken away All is dust, it's vanishing Forever's gone he's reached the edge Frozen tears m...