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Warhorse piosenki

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Black Acid Prophecy

The narcotic priest vows vengeance Upon the righteous, with chalice held high Crushed by the cross held to dear Betrayed by their faith as they cry Communion complete, the masses helpless Servents in the eyes of the new god The temple resounds wit...

Doom's Bride

Might King Osric Lord and usurper Solemn strength of times gone Great triumphs mean nothing Noble pillar stands Stone pride defines time Ever all knowing time Following endless serpents of Jade Weary travelers on the crossroads of life Drive...

Every Flower Dies No Matter the Thorns (Wither)

See the beauty in evil See the evil in beauty Beneath the dense veil A dismal embrace awaits The saddened soul Within the infinite veil The blackened stars caress Every flower dies No matter the thorns 

Lysergic Communion

Alter of dawn, bury me in light Crimson eclipse, blood and body ignite Lysergic communion, thy cup runneth over Ascend through the trees as the landscape fades Disciple of the sun, the red horizon cascades Burning away the masks meant to hide Writ...


Razors scrape away the decay From the inside Until this shell is empty The stench of failure is cleansed with hate Bound Have nothing Need nothing Am nothing but scars Lost and forgotten pile of shit Glaring up from the bottom Feed hunge...