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Warfare Evil piosenki

Utwory wykonawcy:

Bloody Guilhotine

Time of the war and destruction arise. Hear the call of the Hangman From the bloody guillotine Forces of evil in the blade. Screams and destruction to the posers and bastards Creeping between in the dark maze. Supplicate and deads from The Lord of...

Power of Heavy Metal

United Forces Generations to destroy For all de Nations Hard of Steel With fire Stand and Fight no remorse Spill the blood Make your Fate Don't surrender Start to Kill Hear with Power the true song of the Battlehynm Hear the song Heavy metal Blin...

Reaper of Hell

Smell of the Death Spread in the air The massacre will start And reaper to get Raising his blade forged steel of hell's fire Slowly he wil wipe Religious question's who feeds your hungry and your power of the destructor Then he's a plague! Reape...

Warfare Evil

Clouds of the deads Scattered across the sky Army's of the evil Who cast over the land Set to the attack For devastate to extermination Warfare's Satan Reign in this world With fury and darkness Was take over land The face of the Death Invade your...