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Come, Dreadful Ygg

Spirits of snow haunt this air Dreams of a hanged man on the oak And Ravens speak their curses in ancient tongues: Come, the Murderer, Dreadful Ygg Where the old pinewoods pierce the skies Like the crooked runes of death Stain the sunset in blood Come,...

Grim Woods

Grim woods of extinct northern lands Where only spirits walk upon the overgrown paths Towards the sunsets over ancient labyrinths of stone And pagan monoliths are yet to pierce the skies Horned moon spills it's stellar grief Unto the silver mirrors of th...

Motherland Ostenvegr

Once of Northern blood Death and tragedy Everything in you Ghosts and mystery Under the grey banners of skies Where falkons sing their pride What haunts your iron dreams Motherland Ostenvegr? Endless fields Mists and horrid woods Barrows by the riv...