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Sometimes I take for granted those things a=that are always there Sometimes these things are taken whether or not it's fair Sometimes I forget just how easy this life has been for me Sometimes I forget how you worked to make my life easy How will I walk wh...

Beast Toker

So low Get high 

Bitter Red

It's all the things that are planted on top Like the trees that feed on the water From the heavens above, they need love The soil soaks up every drop Nurtures the seeds that are planted inside, they need life It's all the things implanted on top Without...

In the City of No Seasons

Sleep through the storm till the rain fades away Rise with the sun welcome the new day Soon winter shall surrender to spring Change with the season what will the new year bring? Better than the last still stuck in the past We can't move on The way we car...


Sometimes I need to try to pause some things in my life So I can try to find the cause for the plague in my mind Nothings worse than when you can't explain the curse on your brain Feelings like tired eyes Shut when the soul needs to cry That's why it's so...

Right at Home

I rest here in this lonely world Just to hear myself scream All the words I cannot hear Another tear in this lonely world is not as bad as it seems Another tear in this lonely world is but one in a sea of many 

Running Out of Time

I can't keep up with the pace of today Follow the footsteps, or get the fuck out of the way The road is open But which way to turn? Attended the lesson, but forgot to learn I see that time is flying by Gotta live before we die Too many flow right with t...

Watch It Burn

We've been taken for a fucking ride Confined between the lines, told this is life Speak your mind against the times, start a revolution Those that stand, seem always damned, to meet the end of a gun Society sickens me, everywhere I turn Apathy fills you a...