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...and the Voice of Revolution Rang Out

...and the Voice of Revolution Rang Out A horrid obsession with our culture's plastic shell, Shedding our armor for the knife of capital. Our children will not know the songs of birds, Or the simple joys of love and brotherhood. They castrate our human...

A Wolf Among the Sheep

I watch you decay From my circle of trees Your blight Will fade in the wind Human filth will vanish The time of cleansure is nigh Human, bastard Killing earth with greed Your violations Will bring perdition Here I stand A wolf among the sheep Al...

Despondent Fields

Nothing left Everything dead Rural decay Burning woods None of them Mourn the passing Of trees into ash And seeds into sand These fields are empty Not a sound is heard The path I walk Is not for them 

Fog Among the Stones

Fog Among the Stones Fog among the stones I am only alone Mourning Pining Fog among the stones Looking for my home 


Fog among the stones I am only alone Mourning Pining Fog among the stones Looking for my home 

Isolation Ritual

The drums pound, The regrets and despairs swirl Memories of an ancient time flood our consciousness, A time we pine for Atavism courses through our veins Our lifeblood Profound hatred for what we've become Erase these years of pain and fear, Technolo...


Sometimes people ask me, do you believe in god? I say to that question, yes, and no When I say no, I do not believe In the human way of considering a god I do not believe in any of the organized religions, That we put on pedestals, and use as an excuse...

Solitude Winds

The world collapses Before and behind Withering My tortured mind I wander on Over hills Through forests But it never leaves The cold hand Of loneliness Haunting me Solitude As the sun goes down The emptiness returns No matter how far I walk...

Tech-No-Logic-Kill (Nausea cover)

Tech-No-Logic-Kill (Nausea cover) Engines of destruction lurch into gear, Our destiny driven by greed and by fear. Progress, the bittersweet pill we must taste, Alone, we are exiled to an earth laid to waste. With our very blood we must fuel the machin...

The End of Existence

Through the glades and thickets, Comes the roar of machinery The taste of acrid smoke And the smell of avaricious blood The last green place will be snuffed, And Leviathan's victory completed Monuments Rising from ashen groves and charred stumps Risi...

The Grave Weight of Our Tasks

The time is nigh When construction will cease The architects will fall from their posts And the scaffolds shall come tumbling down. The slaves' backs are splintered From the grave weight of their tasks Each man and each woman dropping their burdens The...

There Was a Forest

There Was a Forest Invaders. Carnage permeates the air, Drifting embers and clouds of ash. Severed branches and shattered ecosystems. Broken bodies drip with pitch, In the name of endless greed. Loaded onto trucks, Turned into row upon row of subur...