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W. Darling

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I see you far, far across the room and I can barely move, oh I look away, lost in the view cause I don't even know you And now you're walking, you're walking over, and I can hardly breathe My heart is racing, as if I'm pacing, but I can hardly speak And ar...

Hunting Happiness

Beautiful lights shine like champions But I found the fault on the stars Cause I'm so caught up hunting happiness That I cannot see its hunting me The moment I started feeling comfortble I hear a voice in my head Fast cars paint blue on the paivement D...

I'll Keep Waving

I'll keep waving til my hand doesn't stand for goodbye Oh, I won't stop waiting til you come home again and my hand doesn't stand for goodbye Feet on the ground like the flowers you planted the ones that you left at my side The grass hasn't changed I...

Learn To Love

You can win every fight that you start Never caring who you rip apart If you don't get your way you can borrow or pay but you're nothing till you learn to love You've got nothing till you learn to love Until it feels like a rush of blood to your head A...