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Vegas In Ruins piosenki

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God save us from this fucking nightmare This tragedy of life In the eye of the storm, we rise, we fight on Lookout at starboard, the blackened clouds arise As the captain's quarters fill with cries If we can't change the tide If we can't win this fucki...

Sixteen Years

I will bring the end I am the ever present fear in your chest In your heart, in your mind and I'll move on Forward, onward Leaving you breathless, broken As you pray for mercy, I will be the scar you hide From everyone, but inflicted on yourself Tonig...

The Haunting

Abandon me Every word that you said Is every word that you never meant Been writing out a death wish all my life Forget every word that I said Every word that I never meant Abandoned, forsaken Give up, goodbye Leave us to die Dead hearts never beat,...