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hagl av sorg svart å tilby kaste meg ut av verden å utfolde visdom i ensomhet 

From Under a Winter Sky

from under a winter sky I call to gods above and make sacrifice an offering in blood from under a winter sky I stand cloaked in death a living tribute to one-eyed lord the doom over each one dead tonight we drink and tomorrow gone to wait upon the...

Hagl av sorg

lost amid the petrifying gaze, shelterd within the frozen trees no respite but falling snow blankets dying one alone but stillness cloak the forest nor sight of light a dream you say drift off weary, cold a corpse thaw in the spring all you were and ever are...

Inn þræll kjóll ey

inn þræll kjóll ey the slave ship eternal verse 1; once, I was, a lord of war arm rings glittered in the sun many were my sons yet they are, distant now gone with my pride since that day, sword on sword they stormed into our hall(screaming long) black metal...

The Rainbow Bridge

I cast my sword up high so wing me over the rainbow bridge our triumph of ages against the lie over the rainbow bridge fates cast me alone here to die I am not afraid over the rainbow bridge [descending winged maiden please help me over the r...

Valfather's Pledge

Many a foe felled, many a blade fed, many a widow made, all in the name of All-father. the ravens cloud all I can see in the skies above the killing field a feast of flesh of dying men a song of swords, the songs of death rain of spears, thunderous hoov...


Hear me, all ye hallowed beings, Both high and low of Heimdall's children: Thou wilt, Valfather, that I well set forth The fates of the world which as first I recall. I call to mind the kin of etins Which long ago did give me life. Nine worlds I know, the nin...