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Behind Misty Shadows

When the doors of the soul land Were unrevaling silently, Each creature seeming incapable, Each life isolated, Were the price for each shadow humanity Of the breaths gasping. 

Born from Reflections

Was the end of timeless departures In the huge dome of misty nights The unusual reflection of the real. The steps going nowhere The suffering for nothing, The dreams tended, Was the end of an age In the shadows of the broken hearts 

Cursed Ceremony

Hopes left behind closed doors. Cursed souls fed with the bleeding wrists. Shaking bodies hanged on the nape of burning cold. The fog that collapsed after the gloomy day, Is grayed with its all ego now. Twilight was born from illusions. 

Death Smelling Loneliness

Shatter the fear in your heart. Listen to the screams of dead. Obtain a place from tombs of hell for yourself. Now I am walking on the road, to death.. ...a dark, misty road. ...opened the fog curtains out my front, one by one… …get the stairs of death,...

Hidden in the Arms of Death

Life is hidden in the arms of death It is souls special talent to take it from there And to take shelter in death more, And body is just a roof that covers it. The only truth is the suicide will inside you, Even if the life drags you into hopelessness...

Journey to Obscurities

Smokescreen collapse, To the night of the screaming soul. The adventure was in an obscurity, Of the lonely one and the new fallen. Was the unique beauty of whole universe, The gift given by the nature. Sadness was griefs pain, Tears of loneliness falli...

Lifes Belongs to Darkness

I’m on the threshold of being lost again, I’ve broken off my connections with life, Searching death with my hands blooded, Coming closer to the darkness beyond life everytime… Calling me everytime, Crushing in its cold My breathe stops When I talking s...

Mental Collapse

Imprisoned in my eyes with your beautiful face And once more you got lost into deep of the nothingness Maybe i’m a schizophrenic who animates you in dreams, And prisons into the darkness of infinity. 

Screams of Suicide

I found you in blind shafts I met your face when you hanging On the gallows pole Everything had deleted from yourself The last one that you couldnt forget, The bloody past had not deleted from your eyes 

Silent Melancholy

Nights are cold again, The sky is crashing on me again. Instilling darkness into my veins. I watch you with spiritlessness What an innocence, What a silence and an opaque. Just like the corpse drawn blood... 

The Existence of a Deception

Rip, smash your heart Releave your soul’s pain Of the breath drawning with screams, Let it be over beyond life. Every suicide, is an existence near death Every suicide, is a meeting between the existence and death Of the one came to peace, of the resona...

The Tears of Isolation

I vomited my anger to the world Saved my loneliness inside To nobody can take it from me Hearken the voice of Valefor To save me in it’s kingdom. I refuged my loneliness silently It showed me my way, lightened it Loneliness of my soul brought me to dea...

The Torment of the Grave

The sins were fading away humanity commited It was nothing different from the torment of the grave Maybe they wished to not burn ever, Into the cruel arms of this fake life He was the only one who breaths this gloomy air, He was himself who sees the inab...