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Children (Keep On Singing) [ft. Chiddy]

Buildings come crumbling Right to the ground And I can't help noticing When I'm looking around When I'm looking around Windows can't see in 'em To let me lies We won't be taking it Look 'em right in the eyes Look 'em right in the eyes Oh, if I had...


Samson, I told you To stay far away and just slick your body right Delilah, she tricked him And took all his strength and turned him into the light He's lost now, so lost now Everything he stood for has come into the light Oh my God, what I'd give if I...

The Apple

Keep me down Take my heart Hold me captive Tear me a part Make me better Consume my soul Cross the water To another world In the middle of the night I see you go We have grown apart into lonely souls Don't testify me Don't bring me down Don't hol...