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Unsinkable Molly Brown piosenki

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Belly Up To The Bar, Boys

Belly up, belly up to the bar boys Better loosen your belts Only drink when you’re all alone Or with somebody else Belly up, belly up to the bar boys Better have a few more And never whirl with a three-toed girl Or a discontented whore(ible) Example, l...

I Ain't Down Yet

I'm goan' to learn to read and write, I'm goan' to see what there is to see, So if you go from nowhere On the road to somewhere And you meet anyone You know it's me. You'll see me carried shoulder high, By famous people I've never met, But till I leav...

I'll Never Say No

I'll never say no to you, Whatever you say or do, If you ask me to wait for a lifetime. You know I'll gladly wait For a lifetime or two Just to look at you. I'll smile, when you say "Be Glad," I'll weep if you want me sad. Today is tomorrow If you wan...