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Unmensch piosenki

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Conquered by Sin

May the sun set your world ablaze and may the oceans drown it afterwards May your earth infest itself with parasites and may it get devoured from within May the fire spitting mountains spread their ashes Poisoning the skies, leaving everything to suffoca...

Dispensable Souls

It continues to amaze me, the number of dispensable souls The fools gathering behind lies, preaching as if they were gods themselves With their spirits lying in chains, spreading death I cannot pity them, instead I despise These prisoners of their hol...

Let the World Drown

Let the world drown in its injustice Let the world choke on the words of liars and fools Only the true and wise, choose a path of their own It is there where the masses gather, that ignorance prevails Often it is better to reside in the shadows, to av...