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U.N.L.V. 6 & Baronne(Manny Fresh Style) Awk Awk tekst piosenki i tłumaczenie. Posłuchaj MP3 i obejrzyj teledysk z Youtube oraz sprawdź chwyty.

Tekst piosenki


I say boot up or shut up

Nigga get yo life lit up

Yeah yeah yeah wootay

I say boot up or shut up or

Get yo fuckin' life lit up

Yeah yeah yeah wootay

First Verse


Chillin' on the set with the fully automatic tec

Never was caught slippin' that's how I got my respect

I pop 'em up pop 'em up watchin' bleed to death

Ya played with the Tec-9 now ya takin' yo last breath

Now everybody comin' up to be the rulers and gangsters

Now everybody comin' up to be the rulers and gangsters

Now everybody comin' up to be the rulers and gangsters

But I'm a tell you who the real fuckin' killer is

It's an third ward nigga it's an third ward nigga

Yes it's an third ward nigga got the bitches and money

While I'm chillin' on the corner I'm a get fucked up

My nigga T got a forty and brought two cups

Lil' Ya is chillin' Yella is thuggin' and talkin' on the phone

And I'm chillin' on 6th and Baronne they call us

U.N.L.V. U.N.L.V. we comin straight out the

Fuckin' one two three let a bitch rub up on us

I'm a load my chrome fat gangster lil' somethin'

Bout 6th and Baronne

Second Verse

{Lil' Ya}

I was chillin' on the corner of 6th and Baronne

With a forty in my hand and about to get tore

I got my dope stash and a tec on my side

For them jokin' mutherfuckers who be doin' drivebys

For them pussy ass niggas I've been try'na kill

I got a bullet proof vest and it's made of steel

For you sissy ass niggas thinkin' they hard

I get my tec and my nine and bout to pull yo car

When a nigga's on the set we makin' money again

Drinkin' forty red bullets smokin' boo-koo weed

It's fucked up gettin' drunk makin' money havin' fun

Five-0 come but our dirt is all ready done

This is the place I call my mutherfuckin' home

Cuz I'm chillin' on 6th and Baronne


I say boot up or shut up

Nigga get yo life lit up

Yeah yeah yeah wootay

I say boot up or shut up or

Get yo fuckin' life lit up

Yeah yeah yeah wootay

Third Verse

{Yella Boy}

Here come's an hard head rapper bout to crush yo phone

My name is Yella Boy no not Sylvester Stallion

Born and raised in third because that's my home

There's not another gangster set like 6th and Baronne

Because the bitches peepin' out seven days a week

I wait for the first and third to get paid ya see

My boys in rumors creepin' up but I just don't care

This is live or die sucker no not you thug there

I ride on other gangsters turf and need a gangsta's fit

Cash Money means ya got to stay legit

Throwin' paper in the air a quarter now an ounce

Then I call my dog bitch take her to Wall Street and make her bow

All the gangsters in the hood be up to no good

Pack the mutherfuckin' chrome smoke boo-koo weed now ya feel good

I'm down for a gangster strap can't you tell

I know a buildin' down with me of the Melph a Mene and Del a Rell

Tec-9, Lil' Ya me myself Yella Boy we all third ward soldiers

Not no child or little boys I'm makin' big bank and packin' the chrome

(Why) Because I'm a gangster from 6th and Baronne


I say boot up or shut up

Nigga get yo life lit up

Yeah yeah yeah wootay

I say boot up or shut up or

Get yo fuckin' life lit up

Yeah yeah yeah wootay

Forth Verse


Growin' up was hard but it all paid off well

I was only eleven when I started to sell

6th and Baronne was the set that I sold rocks

Drinks done went crazy because I'm servin' the block

Now I'm on the run I guess I got to go

I slipped and sold to an undercover five-o

They say they got a reward if ya know where I'm at

But I'm gonna make it hard for 'em because I'm packin' a gat

Now I never was the type to run away from my home (why)

Because I'm a nigga from 6th and Baronne


I say boot up or shut up

Nigga get yo life lit up

Yeah yeah yeah wootay

I say boot up or shut up or

Get yo fuckin' life lit up

Yeah yeah yeah wootay

Fifth Verse

{Lil' Ya}

I was chillin' on the corner strapped with the fuckin' chrome

Makin' boo-koo money on 6th and Baronne

All the junkies gather around and come see the man

I got big twenty flippers and za peter in my other hand

B 3 by my side he got dope to in a long fuckin' Lincoln

Yes he strapped with a twenty two

Tec is in the house chillin' with Moe

While Kerri on the floor doggin' doggin'

Doggin' a ho Chella's in the house chillin'

With Lamb while Ronda with Keisha

With them bitches they don't give a damn

Gettin' her haircut from Sue Tyra got a bitch

You know what to do Baby is on there other end

Stun'n on the pay phone and I'm chillin' on

6th and Baronne


I say boot up or shut up

Nigga get yo life lit up

Yeah yeah yeah wootay

I say boot up or shut up or

Get yo fuckin' life lit up

Yeah yeah yeah wootay

Sixth Verse

{Yella Boy}

I got to watch my damn back

For the robbers and the gangsters

Like in the fuckin' pin I draw my knife

Then I shank ya because I know I got to handle that

Because some niggas try'na creep up bests believe I got my gat

You will never catch me slippin' cuz the leather keep flippin'

Try to play and my product man ya must be trippin'

Cuz a gangster out that third pushin' to much pain

Comin' weak that ho shit bitch you a rookie at the game

There's a dollar to made so best believe a playa call it

Disrespect my damn set watch yo back against the puppet

I'm takin' no shorts in the game of dope ya better come correct

Sucker cuz this shit ain't no joke that boo-koo money in land

I got to have it in my hand got to make a hundred gee's

Just to be then nigga again because I'm makin' big bank

And packin' the chrome (why Yella) because I'm a gangster

From 6th and Baronne


I say boot up or shut up

Nigga get yo life lit up

Yeah yeah yeah wootay

I say boot up or shut up or

Get yo fuckin' life lit up

Yeah yeah yeah wootay 

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