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Sold, bought. Cummed in every hole he could. And now the world will rest their heads, While she regrets the sex she gave, Up to the businessman with 3 kids and a wife back home in bed. Tie her down! Tie her down, and make her cum. The taste of summer in every...

It's Kinda Like A Bodybag

(Why?) A song to kill your heart. Why your hearts broken? This is the promise you break. Beyond what we have learned you can. You regret on conversations you lost. Who needs their bodybag? [x4] With my back pushed up on this wall. Who needs their bodybag? W...

IYa Basta!

Enough is enough! Now beg for forgiveness, you fuck! So useless. Dependent on giving the world nothing, Nothing but sorrow's and sorry's. Please save you and me on these gold commemorative plates. Face it, we're losing but gaining, The fear that made us...

Pablo Escobar's Secret Stash: Revisited

Fuck the truth, and if our hearts Poured out every last word He will die in the name Of all that we have carved their wrists Witness the fake! So relieved by all the scars Severed sighs of fucking me I'll kill you before the breath That will murder the foe!...