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Cold of the Solitude

Coldness of the solitude only death is our salvation do you feel the cold? which tears the thread of life as razor touches the veins, the blood in scarlet streams will drown the sense of life cut off the fear before infinity it is not worth it! the fi...

Legalize Murder (GG Allin cover)

So many people I want to kill Maybe I won’t, maybe I will Put the gun up to your head Blow you away Fucking pigs, legalize Fucking pigs, legalize Fucking pigs, legalize Legalize, legalize murder I heard you say I’m that crazy man Son of a bitch with...

To the Great Eternity

Through storms, through cold of the soul when you don’t know what path to choose It’s hard not to go astray, not to go round! dreams are for the weaks they can’t hold your winds they, thirsting for the rest Break with wing the empty dreams if you don’...