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Ultimate Kaos

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I am not you're Casanova Me and Romeo have never been friends Can't you see how much I really love ya Gonna to say it to you time and time again Oh Casanova Casanova Every man deserves a good woman And I want you to be my wife Time is so much better spent ba...

My Lover

Thinking 'bout no other Ooh oh ooh oh My lover Can't you see you are the one I'm thinking of Let me be the one To do it all to you If you believe in me and what I do And all I can give Thinking of no other but you You are my lover I want to be together with...

Smile Some More

Smile some more for me, oh… I can see in your eyes Don't you try to deny He went and let you down again So don't you tell me I'm wrong We've been friends for too long It's time for something else to begin So won't you say if you like 'Cause I know that I like...

Some Girls

Wanna kick a load of dope jam for all the girls out there, yeah Da da da da da da da Da da da da da da da Da da da da da da da Da da da da da da da Some girls like it when you party all through the night Some girls like it when you're making them feel alrigh...