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Ultimate Fakebook

Utwory wykonawcy:

Combat Fatigue

We don't have to start a fight When it breaks it's the same old thing 'cause I'll be down on my knees all night It never changes anything The lessons I know best seems it's the one that's easy to forget Didn't think I had to tell you, I thought you'd kn...

Girl, here's another lie

Girl, you've been my universe But we've felt stuck in reverse Feel so far away I swear there's nothin' worse It seemed like the pendulum had sung Now I'm swallowin' my tongue Don't know how to tell you I'm leavin' in town months But now girl, if you don'...

Popscotch Party Rock

Guess that it's time to let you see The evidence on your TV screen Turn it up, sit back, put up your feet Uz I think I got you beat Let me warn first 'cause we weren't cook We were the only rockers at our school Playin' Cinderella covers 'cause there was...

Red Elbows

My head's a spider web of daydreams-whistles while it weaves Too many fantasies My arms are two legs of a table folded patiently Perched up so I can see I guess I'm red elbows not sore knees I guess I see what it is to be too far back to see Red elbows d...