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W torżestwie slepogo biezumija,  Pod głuchuju drob barabanow i tichije wschlipy proklatych flejt,  Plaszut taniec absolutnyje bogi. No gdie - to tam za okieanami, o kotorych wy daże nie znali, Pławajut niewidannyje dielfiny i nimfy.  Ja budu tam....


The day this war has began is the last day of the great depression. Seething in infinity, gazing interminably at the new flesh. I'm closing this theatre of the absurd. Struggling constantly with my own ego I won't see innocents suffering. The time has...


Reveak thy name! What is your essence? The creation of ashes and anger Thy face is covered by whispers and shadows Open Thy secrets and tell me, What brought you here? Death and darkness follow Thy steps. You burn and left behind the places of ha...


We will never become better While the grapes of hesitation are growing inside us. The seed of evil is planted deeply inside our souls, Entwining around the thousands of dead branches. This place will rot. We've become elder, but not older. Everythi...