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Born Kneeling

Enslaved to dogmas since the very beginning Our lives are preserved from any deviation Born kneeling to lick the system's arse 

Declaration of Dependance

Way of life, conducted by supervisory Kept on knees by means of superiority Enslaved to our civilised passion - to obey In the hierarchy of positions you are out of question Helpless, crawling, our declaration of dependence 

Full of Shit

Shiny advertisements wherever you go Smiling kids with burgers, who doesn't know? Paid off media, critics put aside Ronald McDonald, what are you trying to hide? 

Solve the Conflict

Clean the Earth Rid the fucking disease Cut off the cancer Before it can increase No human scum and no conflicts 

Stand Below

Trapped in madness of freedom of choice Voting for leaders to speak for your voice Another party, another show democracy is the freedom where you stand below Fuck naturalism - fuck preservation Just keep on wondering about who's to blame That all the bul...

The Cancer Grows On

Rapidly injecting it's fatal seed The cancer grows on, on human greed Parasitic rule of capital force Invading unhindered like a trojan horse Capitalism is reduction Unveiling an image oh so nice Starving the world with pleasant lies The tumour infests...

Vacuum Packed and Empty

Spoon-fed lifestyles Vacuum packed & empty Pretend to fill your inner void From artificial rebellion to domestic regulations All propagated ideals in the machinery of existence 

What's Next

Former fiction becomes clear reality Mass control for the sake of security Big brother by fell force and no chance to hide The system's eyes upon you, lurking & open wide So what's next to come?