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$uicideboy$ x GERM Here We Go Again tekst piosenki i tłumaczenie. Posłuchaj MP3 i obejrzyj teledysk z Youtube oraz sprawdź chwyty.

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Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy

I just might ride with your bitch

Told her I loved her, lying like shit

I'm still boolin' tho, bleedin' concrete, snortin' oxys

Feelin' god body like who gon stop me now?

Runnin' round while blowin' pound after pound

See me now? Get hip, get it now, I'm gone til November

Got into pickin' pockets kinda often, big ass, gas bag

Passenger side of the Cadillac, seat slightly sat back

On my side, I got my Baghdad, hotel hoppin'

Bombin' back-back, dynamite in the Gucci knapsack

Ruckus in the church, Jesus meet this heathen he kinda hurt

Buzzin' I'm loud, never stoppin' til they stick me in the dirt


Took a benzo, wrote a manifesto

Yung hot boy straight from the ghetto

Yung $carecrow dyin' where the wind blows

Cutthroat motherfucker robbin' when my ends low

$outh $ide $uicide

Wanna ride in the caddy like do or die

Formaldehyde leakin' drippin' down in my eyes

Terrified when you see me creepin' in the night

Ride like no limit in '96

Stunt like I'm Wayne on the carter 6

Now I got money to get a fix

Now my old ex wanna be my bitch

This that motherfuckin' gospel

Kanye I'm a motherfuckin' monster

Cock back, put the barrel in your tonsil

$uicide, bitch, we the council


Yung $now spent a fat check

Pull up cause I'm pickin' up a hoe in a black dress

Silk sheets on the mattress match the blood type o on the hatchet

Match the hunnid spokes when I whip it lookin' like the Cadillac bent

Lookin' like a car accident, spilled my guts and I spilled my cup

Lean on my liver I ain't sippin' it up

Hollow out a fuck boy skull so I can sip in peace my g

Don't follow me cause bad shit happens with Germ and $lick

That makes three, sad to see these casualties, they lack the seeds

No matchin' me, these bags of weed

Yeah, that's for free, we trash the scene no gasoline 

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