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Ugly 10

Utwory wykonawcy:


Don't make me play I'll regret anyway Your breasts and arms My stoned eyes Closing up Lady you can't be here But you don't care You go with the flow You aren't afraid to show You have rolled the dice, you don't let think twice You're inviting, so...


Is existence void I'm unable to enjoy Specious guiding light Through the battle with no tools to fight Will I ever make it right All alone could I survive Now I'm lying Gettin’ away with trying To do away with imposed thrills May I show you what it...

The Notebook

Hey, Where you running up that late Have you been Chasing down your wildest dreams This time again Where are you running up today In the night Out of sight Do you gather strength for standing upright Going down again I found All of the worries are...

Wasted Love

What a pretty wasted love! This is not about the money, This is ‘bout the way you love. People say “hey, ain’t that funny, What was charming now is rough” There were times of a common nights When in the park I spoke my mind: “You’re the one I’m dreami...