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Dreams ft. Rob Markman

[Chorus: UFO Fev] Close your eyes, are things darker than they seem? Get your money my nigga and chase your dreams They say the day is always darkest at the dawn Go chase your dream my nigga before it’s gone Close your eyes, are things darker than they se...

Mr. Nice Guy

[Song] [Verse] Soak the pain up Flesh cools off in the rain We done lost more Than we probably ever will gain And I never complained Got nerve to think we the same I speak to the flame My wings lift my feet Off these plains Use my words in other wa...

Wraith ft. Kent Jones & Fat Joe

[Chorus] Mink dragging on the floor/mink dragging on the floor F*$k the trap, I want the Forbes I might buy Bimini 'cause I'm bored Flick o' the wrist to whip a Wraith (x4) [Chorus repeats] [Verse 1] That's Crack & I Side by side in that baby b...