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Abode of the Damned

Abode of the Damned (verse 1) I saw an angle coming down from heaven It held a key to the great abyss It seized the devil, that ancient serpent And bound him for one thousand years (verse 2) As you look into this nightmare You see the mangled faces...


Forgive (Verse 1) I stare into eyes that tell a painful story Hanging there in such grace and glory You died For my soul Darkness passed over as he neared his painful death At the ninth hour he drew his final breath He died For my soul (Chorus)...


Hide (Verse 1) Sitting here alone Wondering if you're looking down on me Darkness all around Only your love could set me free (Verse 2) Lived a life of sin Not the way you wanted me to be All the things I did Almost the last I'd See though my eye...

Why Did He Die?

Why Did He Die? (Verse 1) Why did he die for me? Was this so I could be free? Hanging on the cross with nails in hands and feet. Why did he die for me? (Chorus) He died for me To give me life and eternity He died so he could conquer death His love...