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Two Steps From Hell piosenki

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Army of Justice

River of life to my soul Anchor of peace that I know You're my joy You're the reason I live, the love I can give With You I can do mighty things Soaring upon angel wings Touch my world with all that You are And shine like the stars REFREN: Give me fa...



Back to the Earth

Look at your watch with a perilous gaze A troubled stare And when i ask where do we go Say you don't care Call on me When the day is dark never too late you're underrated Whatever your sins, whatever your loss Your cup is filled There is no way to t...


There is fire in the air that I’m breathing There is blood where the battle’s rage These are faces I will not remember Will I fight for the Queen or the Slave A treacherous part to play with our heart of courage Where the wind from the north bows the...



Compass Feat. Merethe Soltvedt

Du kan om du vil Ingen kan ta ditt valg Bare plante tvil Det er så mange veier å gå Mange mål som kan nåes om du våger å tro på at du har det som skal til Vi har alle tvil Spørsmål om valg Er dette det du vil Det er så mange hensyn å ta Mange streng...


Like the break of the dawn and sun We will rise before you You and I have seen the end Now it's time to show you Your little lies are oil on my skin Your little lies, the oldest of sins You're an angel looking into my eyes I can see you, travel back in...