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Well I’ve been sitting on this couch

Feeling kinda bored and uninspired

Writing thinly veiled fiction for the soul

And feeling like a liar

I’ve been thinking about you, Laura

And thinking about the songs that you sing

And how you sang with such conviction

I almost forgot they weren’t for me

And I know you’re from another planet

And you’re crazy as a loon

But it’s too cold down here on Earth

To go up on the roof

But I’ll feel a little less alone

When I’m sitting in my room

Writing songs about you

Well I’ve been lying in this bed

Trying once again to find my muse

But if we’re only gonna die

Or worse get middle aged

Then what’s the use?

Still I remember what you said

How it’d be when you were dead and gone

And you are and here I am

Living proof that someone’s world had carried on

And I know you’re from another planet

And you’re crazy as a loon

But it’s too cold down here on Earth

To go up on the roof

But I’ll feel a little less alone

When I’m sitting in my room

Writing songs about you 

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