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Tekst piosenki

Silence, loneliness

Cruel days full of emptiness

Sorrow, missing light

Aimless throught the night

Heartache, broken dreams

Nothing is like as it seems

Captured, by the past

Weeping, running fast

Wake up, fly away!

Thousand miles a day

No reason here to stay

Underneath the stars today

Fly away!

Thousand miles a day

Walk on holy ways

Up to outer space

True love, I'm missing you

Feelings that never knew

Watching to the sky

Angels passing by

Darling, I used to say

We will meet again someday

Maybe, the perfect night

I've told myself tonight

Wake up, fly away!

Thousand miles a day

No reason here to stay

Underneath the stars today

Fly away!

Thousand miles a day

Walk on holy ways

Up to outer space 

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