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Tim Booth All about time tekst piosenki i tłumaczenie. Posłuchaj MP3 i obejrzyj teledysk z Youtube oraz sprawdź chwyty.

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Down the street and through the halls

Corridors and shopping malls

We’re moving to an inner beat

Heart disconnected from our feet

I'm moving to a song that drives me on

My heart beats strong

My heart beats wrong

We're zombies in the shopping mall

Laden down with spoils of war

Wearing all the clothes we stole

Adding skin to break our fall

Dragging cases full of junk

We pilgrims stagger to the dump

The lemmings call

Take it easy take it easy

The stars, the sky, the sun and moon and tides.

Descending to the underground

Crowded out by subway sounds

Buried heads in headline frowns

Even the children look ground down

By taxes adverts terrorists

Compassion crawls money fists

I need a full-time therapist

So I can hang onto my bliss

God give me something I can do

To help me rise above the zoo

Make me famous make me rich

Distract me from this burning itch

While starving homeless orphans fight

For food and water, love and life

While I can waste a day online

Shopping for butter knife

Take it easy, take it easy

The stars, the sky, the sun and moon and tides

Johnny’s on the phone, Johnny’s online

Johnny’s in love, everything’s alive

Johnny thinks it’s all about faith but it’s all about time

Johnny’s on the phone, Johnny’s online

Johnny’s in love, everything’s alive

Johnny’s in an altered state cos it’s all about time

There's memory buried in the stone

A new King sits upon the throne

This fool is self deceiving

Won’t give up the world he's bleeding

Our cities are all history full

The fall of feet on cobbled streets

The fossil records show

All that remains is in the bones

Johnny’s on the phone, Johnny’s online

Johnny’s in love, everything’s alive

Johnny thinks it’s all about faith but it’s all about time

Johnny’s on the phone, Johnny’s online

Johnny’s in love, everything’s alive

Johnny’s in an altered state cos it’s all about time

Roller blader full of grace

Pirouette then flat on your face

I never thought that falling down

Was so beautiful 

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