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A Big Problem For Us

A big problem for us is to keep everything in our mind We can't hurt people We can't live like freaks Creepy future Silent storming near our bridge Focused on the weakest structure Maybe one day someone will help us Shitty future 

Geo Planet

Geo Planet Geo Geo Geo Planet No one on you should be banned Live o live o live your own life Huge system, our real huge freight I was sitting on my chair On tv I was just starring Fly with dream The big supreme Eternal life of geo planet No one o...

Muddy's Ranch

Is hot as barbecue Is hot like a fire The muddy crazy man Is spawning the legend Of course and sad disease Lake is now polluted Sky is awakened Old sign is made of oak wood Gimme the plank he said Gimme the hammer he shouted But vodka made him weaker...

Old Oak

My time is so close No need to pretend the healthiest No need to prove my experience Gained through all these years Down the road we can see wooden sign The bird is singing the concert of lies Why must I sie? Oh why must I die?! A living legend Under...


Engine gets a heavy impulse Signal that comes from the heart Of the owner of this car 4 Wheels big as rock The trunk with still frame On the body there are flames From 0 to 1 a few seconds runs And the high speed is reached Me and my power 4x4 runner...

Shotgun With Silencer

I knew this guy He was totally insane Drinking Daniel's Jack Like a boss with credit check My dear He was a killer He was killing with his winchester Killing with a deadly shotgun With silencer (i know... how?) 

Stone Of Souls

On my way to Montana I can't go so much straight I want to cut the corner Iwant to see old path So dirty, only old mans can remember Sometimes it drives me crazy when I think about these paths Memories of green trees and gold gravel Shining sun, summer...

The Avenue

Sit down on a patchwork chair Hear the CDs you've bought Listen carefully to every note Try to memorize lyrics Imagine that you're walking Walking on avenue of sound Hear the chors, try to play it on guitar Tune it higher, sing as you Dream comes true,...

Time on the Village

The buyers the solders The sand and light of the moon The way made of gravel The hot dancing place The shop the saloon ex western Since no one here, the village dies Both mother and her son cries Only one street light shines So bright Hey you! Livin...

Welcome To Kansas

A place made of corn Kansas please Kansas cities big as rock Sleeping on the corn Flying like abird 

Western Stories

Once there was a man and his horse Hit the chorus Hit the chorus With me! Ladies and gentlemen Lets spawn the western legend Lets spawn hima horse Saloon is now opened Lets provoke a fight Lets drink too many And fly to the sky Lets fight the ind...