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Gotta Get It Now (feat. Ryan Key)

Taboo: Ladies and Gentlemen, You’re about to witness Something you never seen before If you ain’t got it, you gotta get it Ayo, Ryan … Let’s go Ryan Key: Gotta get it now, gotta get it now gotta get it now, I’m gonna take you down what you waiting for? what y...

Me gusta

I like ya, i like ya, i like ya, i like ya. Hey, ...... them fancy clothes .................. i wanna feel them hips, apurate dame un beso , apurate dame amor, i gotta feelin baby, you gonna ask for more, mas mas, let's go to the bar go to the bar and get the...

One Heart One Beat

It takes one person to stand up for what he believes in And I believe there’s been an injustice in Arizona I oppose Bill 1070 (I’m Eva Longoria and I oppose Bill 1070) (This is Oscar de La Hoya and I oppose Bill 1070) It’s take one to fight for ya’ll One man...


Las mujeres de aqui me gustan Me encantan mucho (suave) Porque yo soy una persona Que tiene buen ambiente (suave) Y soy suave Bueno vamos vamos Suave Uno, dos, tres Suave You're the kind of girl That I've been liked make you feel good you make it fee...