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A Beautiful Shadow Of Sadness

An Image of Grief Lurks Within Cold Mirrors, Trapped Within These Walls, the Reflection Of Your Misery to Come .... A Beautifull Shadow Of Sadness Encircles Your Soul, As You Near The End of Your Enslavement To Escape From The Prison Of Life, As You Leave B...

Beneath the Winter Moon

My skin so old, my innerself so cold its our time of the year landscapes withered and jaded the frost scaring the scin with white freezing death beneath the winter moon we will dwell pain and torture my only friends tears of a gleaming crystal... running down...

Funeral Veil

Winter sheds frozen tears To the memory of dead ones Dependency of nothingness Decayed seasons of life A shadow descends The sadness of funerals to remain As in death I fade away 

In Death I Submerge

Dreams reflecting My haunting screams The soul bleeds Life, that will be seized Fading memories of life Torn apart by depressions Butchered to be set free Now in death I submerge Endless convulsions My dying eyes Bleeding within "O black evil shadow" Grant...

Lost Martyrs of Tora Bora

Silent Valleys... In remembrance! The burnt dead bodies White phosphorous ending Only death where eyes may see Unrevealed chemical genocide Sleeping warriors of winter valleys Lay victorious in Death Winter shedding tears upon unknown tombs Lost martyrs of T...

Pathway To Winter Graveyard

My woes are reflected by the ugly screams of the wall Humanity cursed by a black plague, witness the constant strangle of pain The hate inside me has grown through the ages of darkness The agilness of my soul is trapped within thy screaming wall O they a...

Suffering a Sickening Death

As night kills the day My darkest paranoia's come to life For death and suffering Lay in wait Complete failure of life Self inflicted hatred Bleeding in despair Suffering a Sickening Death Needles to my soul Blessed by hypnotic convulsions Morbid moments d...