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American Girl

[Verse 1: Ta-ku] Hu huuuh Hey sister Really, really nice to meet you I just met a 5-foot-something girl who's just my type Like the way she's speaking, confidence is peaking I don't believe in first sights but I like what I'm seeing Girl I've been to MI...


Compared to the universe You’re amazing Compared to the stars and the sky You mean everything Compared to all the clouds You never rain on me Compared to the calm in the air You... Chorus: Complete me [ x8 ] 

I Miss You

The bright sun in the blue water We fight less and love harder You tell me that I'm the one I tell you it's just for fun We walk the beach at midnight And watch the stars in the clear skies We both say I love you But it's alright The bright sun in th...

Love Again feat. JMSN & Sango

Give it time, give it time Cause this ain't no race no You'll be fine, you'll be fine Do whatever it takes oh Just realize, realize It's all what you make it Truth and lies, Truth and lies The real and the fake yeah See you and me, we make believe W...


[Sunrise] (Jordan Rakei) Waiting on the street Ready, but at peace My philosophy is that I know, how the story goes Just to see some steady flow, backwards Never heard of, after (Jordan Rakei) Hold me, you wonderful Beautiful moonlight Hold on till...

We Were In Love (사랑했잖아 )

One, two, one two… One, two, one two… Thought I told you I was not the only one So I was the only lonely one… (whole verse x2) Really, we had the perfect end… That night we shared at the Comfort Inn… We made love like the world would have ended… If either...