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Stereo Kicks Love Me So (rap version) tekst piosenki i tłumaczenie. Posłuchaj MP3 i obejrzyj teledysk z Youtube oraz sprawdź chwyty.

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Can we locate where we went wrong?

It's driving me crazy, it's tiring daily


And though she tries her best to stay strong

I'm feeling so guilty, just wanna be guilt free


But.. if you save me now,

You can brave the doubt

You can pull me out

'Cause darling I have been


Crying on my bedroom floor

Wishing I was still in your arms,

There I always seem so sure

That you love me, that you love me so

that you love me so


I've lost all belief in this love I've been seeking and baby metaphorically speaking I'm bleeding, I've always said what's on my mind, Ain't just losing it all the time. I need my head screwed on I need my heart to beat, if I'm to have a chance of you being here with me . I never thought I'd leave my guard so down, never thought I'd leave it open, never thought I'd let you in and allow my naive heart to be broken, cus to fall in love is to fall so hard, when you hit the ground you forget who you are. feeling so sore, I've never hurt more, than when you walked out the door, and ever since then I've been crying on my bedroom floor


Crying on my bedroom floor

Wishing I was still in your arms,

There I always seem so sure

That you love me, that you love me so

that you love me so


I Tried my best to understand,

what makes a man

Is it the path where he began

or the one where he stands.. now


Cos I've been crying on my bedroom floor

Wishing I was still in your arms,

Cause there I always seem so sure


That you love me, that you love me so


Crying on my bedroom floor

Wishing I was still in your arms,

There I always seem so sure

That you love me, that you love me so

That you love me so x2 

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