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There are some disco fans in here tonight.

Listen, we've been told

There are some disco fans in here tonight


Some disco fans



Some disco fans



Some disco fans


Listen, we've been told

There are some disco fans in here tonight


Some disco fans



Some disco fans



There are some disco fans in here tonight. 

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Love and Resent

As One

Ah jik noo gool sarang hahl soo up neun Geu dae ji chin gah seum nahn nuh moo nah jahl ahl jyo Byun hahm up shi geu dae gyuh teul ji kyuh waht jji mah...


As One

modeun geol ji-uryeo harujon-gil sul-jan-man gi-ulyeo ni-ga tteonandwiiro meong-hani haneulman paraboda meomchwoseon gi-re chinan chu-eongman gadeu-kh...

Mianhaeya Hanun-goni

As One

mian-han-goni mian-haeya hanun-goni nol saranghage dweborin-gol nae sarangi nol / manhihim-tulge handanun-gol almyonsodo ajikdo po-dae-chido mothago-i...

I've Never Been To Me

As One

Hey lady, you lady, cursing at your life You're a discontented mother And a regimented wife I've no doubt you dream about the things you never do But...

Last Christmas

As One

[Chorus] Last Christmas I gave you my heart But the very next day, you gave it away This year To save me from tears I'll give it to someone special O...

Lovin' Ice Cream

As One

Ice cream sarang dugeundugeun sangsang Dalkkomhan seolleim salsal noga deureo Haengbokhan sungan ppajyeodeuneun hweuimang Dagawa neukkyeobwa eum~...

Only U feat. Donghae (Super Junior)

As One

Oneulbam chami deu-reosseul ttae nae-ge giseuhaejwoyo Oneuldo ni-ga bogo shipeo keudae saenggag ppunin najyo Keudaeye sarangeul nae-ge boyeojwoyo A...

Passion of My Heart

Ascension Theory

Passion of My Heart I have never been content With ordinary life The city bores my mind It drains the essence from my life Stagnation of my so...

Only Friends

As One

Mwoga geu reo kego min I manh eun ji Geu nyeoga jo eun myeon joh daga marhaebwa I mi sarang hago iss da neun ko jjeum Naui eor geurae dasseo iss janh...

The Pain I Caused

As One

Romanization an apasseulliga eopsgessji geureohgedo gamdanghagi himdeun mosdoen nae maldeuri geoul soge bichin naege naega haessdeon mal geudaer...

A Sign from Afar


5 seasons of this world have passed, since last i returned While outside, a chilled wind arises, and in moments the storm is upon us A crescendo of...


As One

Najocha moreuge neol hyanghae ttwineun nae gaseum Najocha moreuge nae maeum du nun meolge hae Najocha moreuge nae mame nega deureowa Can't believe,...

To Be Content

Ascension Theory

To Be Content I tried so hard to sleep last night But rest eluded me So many problems on my mind If I knew what I know now I might not have be...

Oglądając się w tył

Ascetoholix feat. Liber

Mogłem szukać ambicji, dążyć tylko do pozycji, brać więcej korepetycji. Były przede mną rozmaite drogi - zaklejone koperty, otworzyłem jedną z całej...

What Should I Do (ft. Eluphant )

As One

na eotteokhajyo na eotteokhajyo jogeumssik nae mami neoegero gago isseo eotteokhajyo ijen neo anin sarameun nae nunen an boyeo siganeul bwa It go...

Rain After Rain (Feat. KittiB)

As One

Romanization bi ttaemunirago saenggakhaesseossneunde ani neo ttaemunin geot gata yunanhi balkassdeon nalssi ttaemuninji geunal neol japji anhassj...

Waiting For You

As One

Romanization gibun joheun haruga geudaerobuteo sijakhajyo Oh baby nal baeryeohaneun myeot madi oneuldo naegen himi doejyo Oh yeah nae seolleneun...


Ascension Theory

Decisions Potential connection A chance to make things right Alliance, defiance A hope for things to change United beside me We could be uns...

Mr, Ajo

As One

Jigum ne mosub marya jongmar mardo aniya nuga hwanage han goni gunyodo norur boryoni oton egirur durodo amuron doumi andoego dedabhagi jocha shirhun t...


Ascension Theory

Answers The sun arises in the east It’s been there every single day The energy is there for all But I’ve never seen it’s light But the light h...

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Waiting On A War

I've been waiting on a war since I was young Since I was a little boy with a toy gun Never really wanted to be number one Just wanted to love every...


Miłość to nie grzech Wiec ja kocham cię Zawirował świat Odkąd ciebie mam Nic nie liczy się Teraz Oprócz cię Jagódkowa ty Tylko ty i ja Jedyn...

Never Be Me

I know I do this every time I walk the line, I play with fire And I stop myself before the crime I walk the line, yeah, I play with fire I don't w...

Ale jazz!

Kawka na wynos dzisiaj towarzyszy mi to cappuccino niesłodzenie - będę fit Szekspirowski sznyt Całe noce mi się śnił Gdzie Romeo był Codziennie...


Dokąd tak pędzisz znów? nie pytasz już nikogo o drogę nie ważny deszcz i chłód gdy lecisz , gdy ucieka odpowiedź Dokąd tak pędzisz znów? zabrał...

Teach Me How To Love

Ooh, your body's like an ocean I'm devoted To explore you Ooh, what do you desire? I'm inspired I'll do it for you Won't you draw a map for me?...

Kocie ruchy

W mojej głowie dobry stan Leci alko, dobry grass Tryb samolot - tak co dnia Melanż dla nas ciągle trwa Ręce w górę w blasku gwiazd Polej wódki je...

Evermore ft. Bon Iver

Gray November I've been down since July Motion capture Put me in a bad light I replay my footsteps on each stepping stone Trying to find the one...


Talk among the skeletons this morning Aside from all the medicine and health If you could do it all again, would you do it all the same? Is there s...

Mantry ft. Sonbird

Każdy chce więcej , szybciej Jakby to było taki ważne Próbuje dotrzeć metę żagiel Chociaż stoi wciąż na starcie W pośpiechu gubię sens Tak trud...


We lose all control of our senses, so slowly Give them up until we're defenseless, so surely This is not what you think it is This is not what you,...


Comes the summer rain Cue the lightning and far off thunder again Projecting through the clouds Meditations, drifting off in the sound The more mi...

Bad Karma ft. Joan Jett

Uh Uh You may think I'm ghostin', but the truth is I'm a liar I sell you what I tell you, but you ain't a fucking buyer (yeah) You thinkin' that I...

Courage To Change

World, I want to leave you better I want my life to matter I am afraid I have no purpose here I watch the news on TV Abandon myself daily I am af...


I wore your shirt as I was running away from you 'Cause I like to keep the good things I know you're hurt and I would like to sit right next to you...

The Bandit

Chiseled their names in stone Heavy the load you tow And the red horse is always close And the fire don't burn below Two hundred miles to clear C...


You're so good to me, baby, baby I wanna lock you up in my closet When no one's around I wanna put your hand in my pocket Because you're allowed...


Oh, regard... la-la-la-la La-la-la-la-la-la Oh, regard... la-la-la-la La-la-la-la-la-la Yeah, yeah Now you got me up like I hate wakin' up alone...

Słodka dziewczyno

Nie chciałem się zakochać Wreszcie że Jedno spojrzenie skradło serce me Robiłem wszystko aby poznać się A ona tylko ciągle zwodzi mnie Wiec co...

Chemtrails Over The Country Club

I am on the run with you my sweet love There’s nothing wrong, contemplating God Under the Chemtrails Over The Country Club Wearing our jewels in th...

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