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Star vs. the Forces of Evil

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Anything You Want To

Sea Serpent: Why didn't you say so? You've come to the perfect place! An underwater hideout To hide your princess face You can make a shelter Star Butterfly: That's the pinkest thing I've ever seen. Sea Serpent: Anything you want to Sweet and savor...

Awesome Feeling

Awesome feeling Nothing's gonna take us down At first I turned my head, but then You really turned my day around Awesome feeling We're burning bullies, looking fine We'll do whatever 'cause it's fun With you, I think I'd never lose my Awesome feeling...

Jeremy is awesome

Jeremy is awesome He's the best at everything he does He is terrible at nothing He's the greatest that ever was The only thing he might be bad at Is not being the best If you ever try to beat him He will put you to the test 

Oskar & Glossaryck Rap

Trouble, trouble, tr-tr-tr-trouble Trouble, trouble, tr-tr-tr-trouble Now in my car, I am the boss Tracking down Star at any cost Book dude can't help 'cause there is no magic Star will be fine, this won't end tragic Trouble, trouble, tr-tr-tr-trouble...

Perfect Princess Moon

Perfect Princess Moon She's great in every way Everything she says and does Is absolutely right Her hair is silky soft Her favorite color's pink She flosses every day And she never needs to sleep! The perfect Princess Moon She's nice in every way A...

Star vs. the Forces of Evil End Credit Theme

I think Earth is a pretty gre-at place. That's saying something, 'cause I've been through outer space. I think it suits me, it's just my style. I think I'm gonna stay a little while. I think that strangers are just friends you haven't met. I'm blasting m...

Too Little Too Late

Tom: Oh, girl, you know I'd never mean to hurt ya When you're sad, you know I'd never desert ya Ooh-ooooh You were my angel, my beautiful dove! Marco: We spiraled high on a gust of love Both: And I knew right from the start Nothing could tear us apa...

Waiting for Me

Darned if I knew That I'd find you In the last place I thought you would be What could I do 'Til I saw you waiting for me? Ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh And if I catch your eye It feels like I could fly Out from my lonely world into yours