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Star Slinger piosenki

Utwory wykonawcy:

Chain Dumbin feat. Juicy J & Project Pat

[Intro: Juicy J] What's up? This Juicy J in the building with my dog Star Slinger, nigga We trippin' man! Preach, nigga! [Verse 1: Juicy J] My chain dumbin' (yes Sir) Wrist game dumbin'. I get met money like Mr. Drummond It ain't nothin'. Straight stuntin' (L...


I think you like it when I am doing bad I got energy I just can’t have Seems to be when you're the most at peace Now with my success, you're picking fights with me Oh no, yeah! You don’t want me grow, no my dear Living is a different reality I swear yo...

Ladies In The Back

Dedicated, dedicated dedicated, dedicated, dedicated dedicated, dedicated, dedicated, dedicated, dedicated, dedicated This is dedicated to my ladies in the back dressed in all black lip syncing every track getting down in slow motion as the eight oh eigh...


Baby Groovin' when I hear Like you and me baby (x4) Like Sweet love Like sweet love Like No! Like (Music) Like Like Sweet love Like Sweet love Like No! Like (Music) Like you, Groovin' when I hear Like you and me baby (x4) Love Sweet breeze in the summer t...