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Spectrums of Oblivion piosenki

Utwory wykonawcy:

Black Lord

Like an eruption of rage Erupting from the hells Into the earth They take life With their blades Like a black crow’s wings deplored Slicing through the wind The black lords Cross the lands Looking for the damneds To the Satan’s legion For the war a...


When the night has come When you're alone in the dark time If each of your dreams become a nightmare If each of your fears become a phobia Don't be afraid Don't try to run away From this evil attractiveness You are surrounded by the darkness Life is a...

Devils Horde

Gather each of the body's part And bring them back to life Keep the hearth in order At the enemy's body To be revived before down Collect blood until the last drop And sacrifice a girl Who's nearly eighteen years old Devour her hot and fluttering heart...

Spectrums of Oblivion

Spectrums of oblivion Returning from the land of death They are fear , they are the end This bunch of warriors Chosen by Satan for their cruelty But no one know them because When they leave no survivor behind They come from the heart of time They come...