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Souls Of Mischief Step To My Girl tekst piosenki i tłumaczenie. Posłuchaj MP3 i obejrzyj teledysk z Youtube oraz sprawdź chwyty.

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Back back, way back, I used to fret that my honey

Would play me for one with more papes, still it was funny

Cause she paid no mind as jerks lurked constantly

And my insecurity turned into maturity (I matured)

As the years pass I find it hard to be monogamous

So do other brothers, so the scene's still synonymous

Catch crazy glance when I'm with female company

Some think I'm a softie and they step to her in front of me

So in public places I am often found in my trunk

Reaching for bats, and smack goes his spunk

Because I have the right to riff, and in spite

Of a few protests, progress and I might smite you

Once you come, your fronts, they got no future

Blunts blur my sight, get left and right suture

I know this, and also notice advances:

I peeped them papers in which he slipped to my dip

With numerals, and you're soon to roast thinking I'm jelly

Cause numbers left in the gutter lead to lonely tellies (telephones)

(God damn, why won't she call?)

Cause we see who's pee-wee and we see who's me

The difference is Vaseline: You're slipping while I'm skin-dipping

Grips, and grips of chumps my way:

Slumped from back-bumps on rumps, cause I flay

So why play, cause Tajai has to flip

I found mine, so find your own companionship


Every time I see you in the world

You always step my girl

But ask yourself homeboy. Why is that?


Brothers get jealous when I'm chilling with my dip

Just because she's flyer, you try to, play me like Milton Bradley

I'm mad, G, just because you've gotta settle for Maggie

Or Agnes, maybe Mathilda the Witch, yo

I'mma have to beat you if you call her a bitch, yo

Keep your mind off what's mine for the keeping (yup)

Or I'll put a bomb in your house while you're sleeping (boom!)

Keep your distance, Hiero is watching you

Step by step, I never slept, I gots to do lots

Cause you brothers never respect who you should (me)

Try to be my friend, and it might do you good (yeah)

Get down with the program, hey yo man yo

Don't even look at my girl on a slow jam

Of course not, you'll never get that close (nah)

To her soft skin, rest in a coffin

If you ever disrespect, I'll twist your neck

If I've got a bat, I might get pissed and flex (boom)

Cause your tramp ain't got a stamp of approval

When I get mine with this rhyme, your crew will

Have to learn the hard way, I'll have to slam you like Hammer

So I bet you'll all break

Even though his song is wack, mine's not

Your girl will never get the props that mine got


Every time I see you in the world

You always step my girl

But ask yourself homeboy. Why is that?


I'm the brother stepping with the flyer female companion

Others be scheming or scamming, dreaming, planning, plotting

Trying to make moves when I'm not in the vicinity

I'll fill that ass with splinters, see

Pull a wood bat, would that change your disposition?

Wishing you was in my position, kissing and hugging on a goddess

But I stay humble and modest

Brothers want to rumble, but they stumble and fumble

Cause they get pummelled by the mischievous

You might catch a whiff of this sneaker

Seek the company of my sweet senorita?

Swing a bat like The Natural, break your clavicle

Fracture femurs, as you scream I'm overcome with laughter

I'm the champion, my man slaps me ten

Cause he's twice as nice, twice the jealousy

Cause fellas see they don't suffice

Opio Lindsey spins the spinal cords

Of the hordes of the Huckleberry Finns

My knuckles are buried in chins

Cause it offends when you're stepping

Adrenalin is pumping, I thump chumps with my weapon

Moments of tranquility abruptly have to cease

Walking hand in hand, when one feels he has to speak his peace

Should I pull a piece and unleash a couple of bullets?

Would it persuade a brother to turn his head and foot it

In the opposite direction, throat sets in his chin

Recognized that I fooled him


Every time I see you in the world

You always step my girl

But ask yourself homeboy. Why is that?

Every time I see you in the world

You always step my girl

Everytime she sees you

She could just take off

And you could just let off steam by screaming

No, no, nooo 

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