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Pick up the phone, dial tone

A blank space, thoughts erased

An incident, cold blood

Striked out, a single round

A suspect, quarantined

Terror fades, turns to rage

This is the cold part, the room shakes

Life gives, but mostly takes

Life gives, but mostly takes

Separate my life from the island of yours

A second cycle that can't fill the hole

If it were up to me we might still have control

But your existence has left with your soul

Yeah your existence has left with your


Day by day, a slow decay

Violent dissonance

Perpetual motion

Keeps my mind occupied

Terminal sadness

Introvert or socially inept

All of your colours bleed together

I can't remember the last thing you said

No I can't remember the last thing you said

Separate my life from the island of yours

A second cycle that can't fill the hole

If it were up to me we might still have control

But your existence has left with your soul

Yeah your existence has left with your



How many cycles till I fill this hole

The years have taken their toll

If it were up to me I'd kill this dream

The one where I lose your soul 

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