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Sin of Angels piosenki

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A New Reality

haze overtakes this place of illusion. i haven"t seen the sun in days. life takes a sour turn as reality becomes known. the false will dissolve. pour it all out. wash it all down. till we can't feel a thing. stare straight into the face of that reveals the tr...

Administrative Maximum

These walls have been built of concrete and bone. Flesh and stone. Every brick laid has been laced with regret. 

Alone Among Deceit

I have seen the end. the dead shall walk the earth. they follow in the path of those who have come before. they infect us all, devouring the minds of those who build our culture. they implement their own. they are running from nothing. they will never slow dow...


forget your dreams. live in misery and desperation; you will falter. this life may bless what it seems. awaken from self destruction. still living the tragedy. a thousand years of ancestry. false teachings of centuries, unraveled. awaken the spirit. this is my...

Era of the Faithless

endangered, i laugh. decades have collapsed on my shoulders. weakening from carrying this burden. from deflecting the lies of a thousand generations saddened by the truth. thrown from grace in the eyes of tradition. thrown from grace. tethered to a past. a leg...


it's like pulling weeds. one by one. strangling the culture. blocking the sun. poisons the soul. pollutes the air. nothing but blackness. bitter despair. one by one. bleed the sun. false truths of poisoned mind curses righteousness of humankind. corrupted thou...

We Speak in Tongues

we speak in tongues. we speak in word of deceit though rotten teeth. where there is rain, there is a flood.