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Shadow Hunters piosenki

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Billion Stars Away

I've been waiting Going out of my mind The Hope is fading Feels like it's leaving me alone Must be something Cause I keep fighting on My faith so strong I just can't leave you alone I can hear you I can feel you You open up my eyes Now I can final...

Into Tomorrow's Yesterday

Born in the shadows Baptised by fire Raised by the light Now I'm burning inside Shot down in flames With one broken wing Living my life on the edge in between The flames are burning My heart is yearning I won't fade away Say my name Just like I'm dr...


I fell in love with you again but it seems I lost it in the end U took my heart and ran away Sometimes it feels like yesterday I want to feel the flame again Maybe this is not the end? No, no, no Your ride's not over, over All I know we won't get ol...