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Shadow Hunter piosenki

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Above the burning flame

Behold with awe the Halls of Death Close your eyes, draw your final breath Live as Angels, die like whores Above the burning flame Never shall you fear the Night Hide in grief or shun the Light Clawing still at Heaven's doors Above the burning flame Know tha...

The Eye

Cursed is Your name Damned by your God Haunted by shame Conjugally wed in Blood Written in Flames Brought forth by Death Hallowed and blamed With Dew-scented breath Forced to ferget the Time which was your In Dust is where you's lie Your Life stolen from yo...

Unholy Night

Rusted razorblades shall gleam again On this night Tears shall spill and blood shall blend with rain On this night Ancient wine shalt touch forsaken lips On this night Phantasies of Age and Time's eclipse On this night On this night Sky is crimson With the...