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Dirty Talk

Gimme some dirty talk Baby I wanna hear those words again and again - from you Listening to your sweet words is like makin love It gets me feeling really good so please Gimme some dirty talk Do it now - Do it now Say sweet words - I want you to say Gim...

Let me feel your sex appeal

Give me your hand, Give me your skin, Give me all your body, Baby move in, Give me your hand, Give me your skin, Take me Take me, Sex appeal at all, You like them, Feel them Feel them, Feel you sex appeal, Take me make me, Feel your sex appeal, Hold on babe,...

Manga Maniac

He’s a manga, manga, manga maniac He loves them all the ladies in the paperback Some pretty girls are dancing on the cover In white and black Cause he’s a manga, manga maniac Some boys like to flirt with every pretty girl they see Some boys want to touch a be...

Voodoo Queen

Last night you had a dream You were walking in your sleep You dreamt of a place down in Africa, in Africa Making dances .. round and round African drums play the voodoo sound The goddess of love cast a spell on you In Africa, Africa Im your voodoo queen I lik...