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Dethroned Demon

hatred and despair deepest inner fears governed by ignorance fueled by dependence moved by consciousness decay and envy root of all evil obey and many will die prisoners in our body victims of the night chained to the bone chained to the ground...

God in Chains

Behind the veil of the darkest night Lurks a forgotten ancient God hatred - kill again hatred - eat again Locked in a cell deep inside at the bottom of every human mind hatred - kill again hatred - eat again chains break open the lock let...

Spoiled Ground

I feel the pain signs... carved in the vein looking back to a grimm world silence will cover the blood stampeding death scissors ahead running away from the One shelter offered by none screaming to the sky towering the bonepile you will rot to dea...


the sun goes down the sun hides away from us wants to find a better day the sun pale one the sun runs away to cry for less misery and pain the time has come kneel down before the lord of the dawn and praise for evil deeds for the might to na...