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Ancient Ones

Ancient Ones Ghosts! You who would be ancestors Trapped in the space between the worlds Destitute, disconsolate Pieces of yourselves lingering behind To quell your gnawing hunger To quench your desperate thirst May this song be a banquet that you won...


Dissolution Listen to the stones Listen to the cold Listen to the ground They have secrets to tell you The grieving rain, the raging sun, the breathing wind Let them in, let them in Into your flesh, into your bones, into your blood Through your skin...


Impermanence Every mountain towering Each drop of water in the sea The stars that fill the endless sky Each and all will cease to be Every moment of this life Count among your numbered days For all that is, has been, and may still be Arises, dwells,...


Padmasambhava He came down from the cremation ground Clad in robes of human skin Answering the supplication From the priests in the land of snow The monastics, under the eye of the king Had been building the first great temple in the land But the go...